Yoga sept

Every Wednesday 6.15pm – 7.15pm

Classes are limited to 15 people per session and are on a first come, first served basis. All we ask is that you provide your own mat.

Go Gently, it’s not a competition! The Yoga session should leave you feeling radiant and calm. If you are aching and sore you have been trying too hard. Follow your breath and work within your pain free range of movement. Your breath should be steady and smooth while practicing.  

Don’t be late. It’s disturbing the peace if you arrive late. Please make sure to arrive a few minutes before the session so that you are ready to start on time without disturbing the other students.  

Daily Practice is Key. For the best progress with your Yoga, Practice daily at home to maintain your range of movement, increase your flexibility and build on your feeling of balance and calm


 What happens in a Yoga class?

Students are guided through various postures, moving with the breath and focusing attention in a particular way. The process facilitates a gentle exercise with an awareness of breath. The session is rounded off with a short guided relaxation. 

 What should I wear?

A base layer of light sports wear, something cool and stretchy and also something warmer that is easily taken off and put on in case you get warm or cold. 

Yoga is practised in bare feet but bring some socks as you can cool down considerably during the relaxation. 

 What kind of Yoga is it?

EasiYoga is Hatha Yoga in its most accessible form. Hatha is the balance of opposite energies sometimes compared to Sun and Moon. Also described as the balancing of Mind, Body and Spirit. 

 Should I eat or drink before a class?

Drink water throughout the day so that you arrive hydrated. Nibble on light food but avoid a heavy meal within 3 hours of a class. If you are too full you will find it uncomfortable to practice Yoga 

 What do I bring?

Please bring a Yoga mat with you. If you don’t own one, try to borrow one from a friend until you have seen the type that I recommend.  I get mine from, it’s called a sticky mat because you get a good grip and it avoids slipping when you are in postures. They are 4.5mm, not too thick and have lots of colours available, but they will charge a shipping  fee if the order is under a certain amount. Or you can buy a pretty one from TK MAX or Sports Direct, various designs and prices from £9.99 to £99 or more. Bear in mind that a thicker mat is less stable for standing postures. 

Please bring a small blanket or towel  This can be folded to provide extra padding and support.


Speak to me, this class may be unsuitable for you and you may be directed to a specific Pregnancy Yoga Class where the Teachers are specially trained to facilitate your practice. 

 What does a class cost?

Shenley Court Hall classes are at a Special Community Rate £6.50 per session payable on the day.


Easiyoga  presented by Michael Doughty 

Tel and TXT  079222 93850  


About Michael Doughty  

11 years experience with Yoga Practice 

Foundation in Yoga and Sadhana 2015 

Qualified Teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga, 

Diploma Level 4 in Teaching Hatha Yoga (500hour), 

Completed March 2018 

Insured to teach through the BWY

Qualified First Aider