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7.15pm to 8.15pm at Shenley Court Hall

Fun, Easy-to-Follow Dance Fitness in a Darkened Room with Glow Disco Lights.Covering all genres of music from Salsa, Swing, Pop, African, Middle Eastern & Indian Drum beats, Jazz & Latin.

Suitable for anyone from 12 years old upwards – We even have people in our classes well into their 60’s.

“I don’t like exercise and I hate gyms, but this is fantastic because it gives you a buzz . . . it’s good for you and really gets you going!”

Margaret, 68 

Our fantastic instructor Sherene is fully qualified and will help nurture any less co-ordinated and even self conscious individuals. The main aim is to get moving and have fun. The funky Latin rhythm’s and mix of exotic styles of dance such as Salsa, Merengue, Reggaeton and Calypso will have you hooked within seconds.


Cost £5 per class or enquire for 20% discount.

Contact: Sherene on 07958 447 741

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/zumbainthedarkbirminghamflash/



 Do I need to book?

No, you don’t have to book Zumba classes at Shenley Court Hall, simply turn up 10 minutes before the class starts and pay at the door. 

 What is the cost?

Pay as you go £5 per class or SAVE 20% with our SPECIAL OFFER – Please enquire.

 What do I need wear?

Gym gear is perfect for Zumba! A fitted or loose T-shirt, vest top, leggings or a light track suit are ideal, whatever you feel comfy in as you will definitely work up a sweat! The best footwear for Zumba are trainers or dance trainers. Heels are a definite NO NO! If your still not sure, speak to Sherene and she’ll be happy to help.

 But I have no co-ordination, will I still be able to do Zumba?

Of course! Zumba is a great workout designed for everyone to participate in at all levels, there is no need to worry about learning steps, so just enjoy yourself! 

 I have an injury, can I still do Zumba?

Yes you can. Zumba covers a variety of moves, so if you let your instructor know about any ailments or injuries you may have, they will give you alternative exercises to do. 

 Do I have to be able to dance to do this?

Absolutely not! Zumba Fitness nurtures the less co-ordinated and even self-conscious individual. Our classes are suitable for absolutely anyone, as long as you’re moving you’re partying yourself to a happier, healthier you.