A message from Tracey OOSC Assistant Coordinator

Hi everyone I hope you’re all keeping well. I am missing the children and you all. I know some of the children are back at school  and I hope they are settling okay. Thinking of all the children and I especially feel for the year 6 children and I am wondering how they are as this is normally an exciting time for then to visit their new schools. I hope they are able to visit in some way. Fingers crossed that everything will be back to normal soon. I hope that everybody who has booked a holiday has been able to get a refund or resolution. 

I have been looking at low fat dessert recipes during lockdown. My daughter came over and make a vegan Japanese peach cream cake which is low fat and made with fresh peaches.  Here is the recipe:


doughnut peaches (3)

biscuits of your choice (1 packet, crushed) 

vegan butter or margarine (1 cup) 

vegan cream cheese (half the tub) 

vegan cream (whole tub) 

vegetarian gelatin (one packet) 

To make peach syrup combined doughnut peaches and sweetener over a high heat with water for 20 minutes. Make sure to peel the peaches before boiling. It is best to use around for doughnut peaches, three for the syrup and one for the top of the cake as decoration. When your peach syrup is ready remove chunks of peach from the syrup- you can either blend these peach chunks or add them whole into your cream cheese cake for added texture.

To make the base of the cheesecake combined digestive biscuits or any plain biscuits of your taste with vegan margarine or butter. This is the bottom layer of the cheesecake make sure that that it is thick and firm. You can refrigerate this base whilst moving on to your next steps of making the cheesecake 

To make the vegan cheesecake combine vegan cream cheese with vegan cream and make sure that you whisk this sufficiently. An electric whisk or stand whisk would be ideal but you can use your arms if you fancy a pre-cake workout. Once the cream base is whisked into thick peaks, add your peach syrup. Make sure you use a large bowl for making of the cream base as you will need to whisk as you go. Once the syrup is combined with the cream and cheese move onto boiling your vegetarian gelatin following the instructions on the packet. Once the gelatine is prepared, combined with cream cheese base and add the biscuit base to complete the cheesecake. Refrigerate the cheesecake for up to 10 hours and then add your final fresh Peach on top for decoration. 

I would like to show an idea that the children may be able to do in the summer holidays- a homemade carnival- the photos attached are of my grandchildren’s carnival. 

This is very cheap to do using materials such as cardboard, paper cups and other materials used around the home combined with children’s toys. You can print the signs from Internet resources such as this one https://eastcoastmommyblog.blogspot.com/2016/07/carnival-signage.html?m=1  

Another activity you can create is taking a big piece of cardboard and creating a virtual whack a mole with cutting holes for your face to pop out of to entice your children to squirt their water pistols whilst your bobbing up and down. This is a fun game and a lot of good exercise as well as a great competitive element for all the family. 

I’d like to wish you all a lovely summer and wish a the year 6’s the very best at their new schools and would love to see them some time at OOSC. Looking forward to seeing the children and you all very soon. Also to all the key workers, even though clapping on a Thursday evening has ceased, we still applaud you and thank you for all that you all do. 

Take care of yourselves, 

Love from Tracey.