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Prices for using the studio

Our sound engineers bring a range of skills and talent to your music. Whether you want to record a CD, need tracks to be mixed and mastered for a professional sound, or just want some rehearsal space for your band then BPM studio has a range of prices to suit you.

If you would like to book time at BPM or for more information, please contact us at enquiries@shenleycourthall.co.uk or call 0121 475 7521. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and how we can help support your musical needs.

Recording a CD: £20 per hour.
Digital recording for demo disks or further production. We’re experienced in recording all instruments and music genres. If required we are happy to advise clients on producing their music.

DJing: £20 per hour.
Want some good equipment and support from our sound engineer to get a good mix together

Mixing: £15 for a basic mix down.
Adding FX and EQ to each instrument track of the recording, clearing up the mix and making it sound perfect in the studio environment. Please check with us for more detailed pricing on this.

Mastering: £30 for mastering of single track.
Taking mix down into the final stage of production, adding the final mastering FX to the mixed down track, giving the universal sound for use on all systems and raising the volume and quality of the track to professional CD quality level. Please check with us for more detailed pricing on this.

Studio set up and rehearsal on site support: £15 Set up recording studio to maximise sound quality and recording potential. Selection of correct microphones for recording session. Experienced in setting up equipment for any required instruments.

Specialist genres we offer include: EDM, Garage, Grime, Hiphop, RNB,  Crossover Genres, Mixes for dancers, theatre score editing, soundscapes

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