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Auden Allen – BPM Sound Technician

Auden Allen, commonly known as ‘Deci4Life’ is a creative practitioner of the arts, music producer/songwriter, a community leader, spoken word artist across the spectrum of music, activist of positive change and health specialist.

In addition to this he works at BPM Studio’s where he specialises in DJ, sound engineering, music production and recording tuition/service. Possessing a wide range of skills and an abundance of positive energy any collaborative team work with him is guaranteed to be a pleasurable experience.

Deci4’ also works with the Capital XTRA Music Potential Programme as songwriting and performance tutor and was selected to represent the whole of Birmingham at the BBC 1 XTRA LIVE Show in 2014 with a spoken word piece entitled ‘I am Birmingham.’

Deci4Life uses his words to challenge young people’s identities and perceptions of how they are valued today. He works with a lot of young people in the local community through workshops, creative projects and also works in schools. This year is the beginning of his new enterprise Allen’s Chakra Juice.